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Cascade Technology develops bespoke software for small and medium size companies and organisations.

The software is tailored to each customer.  This means that the software works the way that each customer wants - the customer does not have to fit the software.

If your company is growing, you must be doing things right!  If you need to automate your processes and procedures in order to maintain your growth, you want to keep working in the way that has made you successful.

Cascade Technology will work with you to develop software that will work effectively for you.  The way that we develop our software involves staff at all levels of the customer's organisation.  This means that the staff gain "ownership" of the software, and accept the changes in working practices readily.  We can help with training people who have never used a computer before, so that they become proficient in the use of the new software.

As your business changes, the software can be developed to support your changing needs.  Cascade Technology develops long-term partnerships with our customers.

Click here to see some examples of the software we have written.