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Logistics - Cascade Technology developed software for a small but growing transport company.  The software enabled them to grow substantially.  The software is tightly integrated with the accounts system, so that invoice processing is done efficiently.  The system has been developed continuously over ten years to meet the changing needs of the company as it has expanded.  The company now has six depots as well as the head office, all running the software that we wrote.

Order processing - Many of the systems that Cascade Technology develops involve aspects of order processing.  There are usually lists of products, customers and orders.  There may also be invoicing and stock control.  Supply chain management may also be a feature.

We have developed systems for a wide range of companies, including those who sell:-

  • Printing
  • Wine
  • Collectable items
  • Finishings for the clothing industry
  • Marine electronics
  • Cosmetics

Import - Cascade Technology has developed systems to manage the processes for companies who import goods. EDI order processing is a feature of some of these systems.

Rostering - Cascade Technology has developed software for rostering of staff.  An example is the scheduling system that we wrote for a security guard company.  They have a rapidly changing list of sites for which guards have to be assigned.  Our software manages the process of assigning guards.  The system produces billing information and several reports for controllers and managers.

Administration - We have written systems for different administrative applications.  These include:-

  • Room booking for a college
  • Administration of training courses for a professional body
  • Management of finance for special projects for colleges
  • Management of donors, and for exhibitions, for a charity